\"To stand alone in the beauty of the moment\"

To Stand Alone in the Beauty of the Moment…

There’s something ironic about confidence. It seems the more you respect someone for theirs, the less of your own you realize you have. For example, these blogs.

I’ve always respected people for being able to put their feelings out there, share what was in their heart and their true feelings. Whether or not I agree with their point of view or not, I have respect for them and their convictions. That is where I feel I am lacking, in convictions. My mind is a natural nomad, moving from subject to subject, opinion to opinion. There is definitely an absence of absolutes. It would be nice, for once, to know that I had confidence in a feeling or opinion no matter the consequences. Not to constantly question and to only live in the moment is a skill I’ve yet to achieve.

It’s true that in order to gain anything in life you must take risks. Sure, you could live a relatively complacent life, going through the motions, nothing bad, nothing good, and just be. But how much of the essence and goal of life is missed? Without experiences who are you really but someone with no experiences?

I need to be willing to put myself out there more. Be available for more experiences, happiness, and even, criticisms. For in a way, a suppose criticism would actually be a compliment, because it would validate your confidence and ability to take action with the recognization that you had something to say and someone to be.

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