Bright Lights, Big City

What Ive been waiting for...

What I've been waiting for...

There it is. The quintisential essence of what makes a city. The towering giants that cast their golden glows on the indulgent seekers below. The night is recovering from a damp day, the clouds and mist leaving their trail as they part for the evening, making way for what is sure to be a brighter prospect of tomorrow.

But for now, this is what I’ve been dreaming of. Mist or no mist, puddles on the ground, and the taste of sake on my breath. Ah, city life. What I’ve been missing these 3 years past. There is something to be said for practicality, but the rewards for risks and chances seem to taste so much sweeter.

This night is divine. The ambiance of good company, sinful food and pleasant smiles in the midst of so much company is glorious. Well, one company in particular really. He is my happiness.

I know it’s never supposed to be that way. You are supposed to make your own happiness, someone else shouldn’t define it for you. But there is something indisputable in those moments when another seems to satisfy every need. Laughs, smiles, comfort, confidence. Doubtless happiness. It truly is wonderful.

It was worth it. It was all worth. As I explore and learn more, about the city and myself, I welcome all that is to come with excitement and virility, passion and poetry, all that I am.

The lights shine for me tonight.

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